Maricar Overcoming Online Shame


Overcoming Online Shame

Maricar Overcoming Online Shame

About the Book

Maricar Reyes Book

In 2009, Maricar was involved in a crisis that destroyed her reputation. For years she chose to keep quiet about the specifics of what she went through. Speaking out back then would do more harm than good.

But now it's time to share her story for women who feel devastated, hopeless and want to heal. However, this is not a tell-all "maritess" chismiss book :) No embarrassing details were revealed here about any specific person.

This book focuses only on Maricar's long journey and process of healing. Maricar wants to let women know that they are not alone in their struggles. There is always hope and a way out of any dark situation.

The first 250 copies will include Maricar's signature and personal dedication.

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Who Should Read this Book?
About the Author

About the Author

"Maricar Reyes-Poon is a Filipino medical doctor by degree, but in 2009, pursued a full-time acting career soon after attaining her medical license. In 2013 she married singer Richard Poon, and together they formed 'Relationship Matters Ph: Your Online Ninong And Ninang',” an online social media page that deals with real talk about relationship issues.

In 2017 Richard and Maricar published their first book together, “10 Things We Fight About,” under ABS-CBN Publishing.

Currently, Maricar has taken a step back from showbiz to focus on “Maricar’s Chocolate Cakes,” an online food business she set up together with her husband.